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Chicago's Best Commuter Bar INSIDE UNION STATION @ Canal & Adams (312) 655-0600

Metro Deli & Cafe

The best place in Union Station to wait for your train. Consistently good food. Made fresh. It's a great place to get a quick sandwich and a beer. We recommend this place for people watching and a sandwich. Enjoy.. Skip the food court and head to Metro Deli!


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Wednesday - Mile High Meat Loaf 7.99

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Complimentary Boxcar Buffet 4 - 7pm w/ Drink Purchase

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BBQ, Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan

$3.50 House Wine Glasses

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The Best of Chicago's Street Performers LIVE Every Wednesday & Thursday from 4 - 7pm. Make your commute GREAT And Hum All the Way home

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Such Great Food

I have never ever eaten such great food in a railway station. Its a nice bar too, free wi-fi, and cheap! I had the New York Steak House Dip and it was the best sandwich ever. If you have time to kill at Union Station go here.

Your Game is Always On

Make it a Point to stop
@ Metro Deli

The Metro Deli & Cafe is located in the belly of Union Station. At first, I was amazed how reasonable the beer was. The beer was less than $4; which is generally unheard of in the Loop of Chicago. But what really caught my attention was how the bar became a turnstile between 4:30 and 5:30 for all the regular Metra passengers donning Brooks Brothers trench coats and three-piece suits. And there were a lot of them. Every day these passengers pass through the Metro to pick up their order before boarding their train. These bartenders knew them by their first names, what they liked, and had their brown bags full of beer ready to go. And the passengers thanked the bartenders by their first name, asked how their children were doing, and then tipped them very generously.

I now make it a point to stop here for a couple of beers before catching the Amtrak.

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